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The impact of a fire in your home is devastating. Not only do you have to deal with the shock of the incident, you must also worry about fire damage recovery for your property. Reduce the stress and streamline the process of fire restoration with help from the certified technicians at our company. We specialize in water, smoke, and fire damage cleanup.

Act quickly to start the restoration process by calling in our team of professionals. Our technicians are ready to respond on a 24/7 basis because you never know when a disaster can strike. Expect us to respond promptly to your call and provide you with a free estimate for service.

Fire Restoration Begins with a Plan of Action

Based on the condition of your fire-damaged property, we devise a first-rate recovery plan that includes expert treatment solutions. Removing the fire-smoke smell and fire and water cleanup are all part of the process to restore your house to the condition it was in before the disaster occurred.

Once your property is stable, we determine which structural materials and belongings are salvageable. Using specialized techniques, we handle damaged contents and valuables safely and determine whether they can be fixed or if they should be disposed of. Our goal is to save you time and money while restoring the property and belongings that were involved in fire and flood damage.

The skilled technicians on our team are highly trained in fire mitigation. With our knowledge and hard work, we can restore many of the furnishings and possessions that you thought were not salvageable. Let us help you move forward after a disaster by making your household inhabitable and clean again.

Fire - Fire Damage Restoration & Repair

Fire and Water Cleanup for a Complete Recovery

Even after the fire in your house is put out, you still have to get rid of the water that was used to extinguish the blaze. Tens of thousands of gallons of water may have been poured inside your house, soaking your furniture and personal possessions— as well as the structure itself. Leave the worry and the work to the fire and water cleanup professionals.

We have the training and experience needed to get rid of the water and dry out your possessions. While we are restoring your home, we recommend that you spend a few nights with relatives or in a comfortable hotel. Our technicians work with speed and efficiency, so that soon you will be able to return home.

Steps Involved in the Fire Restoration Process

Make a full recovery after disaster strikes by calling in our experts. Our technicians are trained to evaluate damages, devise a restoration strategy, and take the right steps for a recovery. The fire restoration process is a complex one that must be performed in the right order. That is why you need to hire professionals to do the work.

Our family-owned business boasts more than 150 years of combined experience. In addition, we are licensed, certified, and insured to do this type of work. Rest assured that we are done, you can return to a home that has been stabilized and sanitized. Fire damage recovery typically includes:

Property Stabilization
Structural Repairs
Soot and Smoke Odor Removal
Protection for Unaffected Contents
Cleaning & Deodorization
Professional Inspections

Processes and Products for Removing the Fire-Smoke Smell

Restoring or getting rid of belongings that have been damaged in a fire is only part of the process. We offer comprehensive services that fully restore your home to a space that is free of house-fire smoke. Smoke can be difficult to get rid of, but we have proven processes and products for effective smoke-smell removal. Our thorough cleaning, drying, and deodorizing rid your house of smoke damage.

Trained Technicians Clean Up Soot from a Fire

Fire leaves a wake of destruction in its path, whether it is outside in nature or inside your house. However, with our expert services, we can restore your home and possessions from fire, water, smoke, and even soot damage. Rely on our team of professional to clean up soot from a fire that has ravaged your home.

Fire leaves behind an oily residue, which you see as soot that invades your home. It settles into the furniture, carpeting, and walls and even travels through the ventilation system. The key to effective soot removal is to start the cleaning process as quickly as possible so it does not have time to do irreparable damage. Count on us for the know-how, techniques, and equipment to eliminate soot from your home.

Free Estimate for Fire Restoration Services

We treat your home with care and respect. Throughout the process, you are continually updated on the progress of restoration. No matter how severe or invasive the fire in your home, we are the experts who can restore it best. Call us today to request a free estimate for service.

Contact us for a free quote on fire damage repairs in and around the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Aurora, Lakewood, Englewood, and Westminster, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.